Meet Our Winners


Katelyn Morse

Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

Inspired by all things raw, earthy and organic in nature, my paintings are a reflection of the wanderlust inside of me as well as a deep appreciation for just how magical, intricate and beautiful this world truly is. Through my artwork I hope to inspire individuals to explore more, appreciate more, and be thankful for all the gorgeous things we have to enjoy on this earth! I've always loved to express myself creatively through art and I am thrilled to be able to share my soul in color with you.

Julie Rivard

Montreal, Quebec

Pregnant with my twins, I realized that no decorative element matched the style I wanted to give my nursery. I wanted something different; more modern. By combining my 20 years of experience in the fashion industry to my desires as a modern mom who wants the best for her children, I built my own business wanting to help other moms in the same situation as me. From there was born Not Sew Strange. Not Sew Strange helps design conscious parent create the perfect nursery by providing modern baby bedding and nursery decor.

Stephanie Keung

Calgary, Alberta

Mindtheminimal is based on concrete + minimalism to portray the effortless side of beauty to our modern day lifestyle. As a blogger by day and maker by night, I believe that minimal is the new sophistication and it has inspired me to create these designs to strengthen the accent of simple day decor.

Pam McFadyen

Toronto, Ontario

Pam McFadyen is a ceramic artist with a home studio in Toronto. Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan gave her an appreciation for making things by hand so she pursued a degree in Arts Education at the University of Regina. After moving to Toronto, she continued to create pottery while establishing her career as an arts educator with the TDSB. After losing her studio to a flood during the Toronto ice storms in 2013, she rebuilt and rebranded her home studio as Curious Bird Pottery. Her current work consists of functional serving ware, ceramic clocks and textured clay jewelry. Her choice to use stoneware clay ensures that, whether wheel thrown or handbuilt, each piece is made to be used every day.


Johnna Puusa

Shawinigan Lake, British Columbia

Lumota started as a hobby, born from artist Johnna Puusa’s fascination with Finnish culture and her love for mid century modern and Scandinavian design. Originally from the Cowichan Valley, Johnna spent 15 years living in Toronto, working a variety of jobs including 9 years honing her creative side by working in the film/advertising industry. A trip to Finland to visit family and time spent with her Swedish step-granny Ingrid, (a successful modern textile artist) helped to shape her strong aesthetic for clean and simple design. A move back to the Cowichan Valley in 2014 gave Johnna the opportunity take her hobby for creating himmelis into a small business. Lumota himmelis have evolved to include designs perfect for displaying air plants, and intricate mobiles and sculptures. You can find Lumota himmelis in a growing number of shops, Etsy and at artisan markets.


Sun + Stars Co.

Toronto, Ontario

Sun + Stars is a home decor & kids brand designed by two long time friends, Lora & Kristen. Lora is a life long DIY-er who's been crafting everything from clothing to furniture for as long as she can remember. She lives in Toronto with her family (and has been known to spend a relaxing Friday evening repainting the rooms in her house while eating vegan donuts). Kristen's a fashion industry lifer who's been honing her design and merchandising skills at some of Canada's top fashion brands for the past 2 decades. A sucker for modern art, scruffy dogs, and Sunday morning dance parties in her kitchen. Together the aim to create modern, playful items that appeal to both kiddos and their parents; high quality goods made from natural fabrics, hand silkscreened with signature graphic prints.


Kourtney Branagan

Calgary, Alberta

Kourtney has been raised and loves living in Calgary, AB. With her husband and two daughters she loves to escape to the Rockies in all seasons but is also keen to explore this vast and beautiful country. Each summer her family plans to explore the country from west to east coast, visiting a new province or territory each year. With background in English literature and interior decorating, Kourtney loves to see the world through the eyes of stories and seek inspiration from the beauty nature offers daily. Her work aims to bring memories of adventures into your homes by creating products that resonate with experiences we create through a life full of wonder and exploration.


Mélanie Kimmett

Toronto, Ontario

Mélanie Kimmett is a designer + illustrator living in Toronto, Canada with her husband Kevin, their son Keaton and grey tabby cat, Parker. Naturally curious, and with her young son always in tow, she seeks much of her inspiration from their daily wanders through the colourful city streets, or family road trips to the country. Whether it's food, culture or places — there's plenty to encourage exciting new adventures, as well as inform fresh design thinking.
Her design aesthetic embraces a "simple is best" philosophy, while infusing her Lithuanian and French-Canadian roots in her illustration work.


F As In Frank Paper Goods Co.

Vancouver, British Columbia

F As In Frank Paper Goods Co. was started by sisters Melanie and Stephanie, and Melanie's husband Jason. With a shared love of stationery and an appreciation for antique print techniques, we produce quality paper goods and accessories inspired by the outdoors, life in the Pacific Northwest, and our background growing up in Southern Ontario. We design everything ourselves with a minimal, masculine aesthetic, and print each product by hand, one item at a time, on either an antique Chandler & Price letterpress machine, foil stamp machine or by screen printing. Though the lack of any automatic process makes for labour-intensive printing, it also allows us to print in small batches which ensures each item is the best print it can be. We take great pride in knowing that everything we sell has been created with love and care by human hands, from start to finish.


Angela McGrath

Vancouver, British Columbia

Angela McGrath is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a background in fashion design and printmaking. After completing her BFA in 2014 she became determined to find a way to merge the two fields together; this became the catalyst for the creation of her leather goods brand epoché. epoché is a line of handcrafted leather goods, which combines Bauhaus methodologies, sustainable design, and fine art practices, resulting sophisticated designed products that convey a sense of personality and artistic expression. The screen-printed patterns used on epoché products draw inspiration from the free hand motion of painting, immersive natural landscapes, and contemporary culture.


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